Testing and Evaluation

April 2010

„Peace of Mind“ von Gebäudeautomationslösungen prüfen und bewerten

In 2009 Saia Burgess Controls developed manufacturer-independent tender modules for use in the planning phase of construction projects. With the "Peace of Mind" tender documents hereafter, tenders can define clear and neutral requirements for building automation solutions. The aim of the invitation to tender according to Peace of Mind is to systematically minimize the possible anger, sorrow and total costs over the entire life cycle of more than 15 years.

Now, in the interests of operators and investors, Saia Burgess Controls goes a step further with the certification mark "Peace of Mind" for building automation solutions (

In cooperation with TÜV SÜD for the first time a standardized, effective testing and assessment procedures of sustainability is developed for installed building automation technology. It will able to examine and assess how far the "Peace of Mind" tender specifications have been actually implemented. TÜV SÜD will be the first company that can completely independently and impartially audit and assess building automation solutions according to the rules of the "Peace of Mind" certification mark.

Depending on the outcome of the assessment, in addition to to the standardized testreport there are also test grades in bronze, silver and gold. Thus the quality of the building automation solution, is not only recorded in the technical documentation of a building, but is presented in a visual and recognizable way. The inspection and evaluation system is equally applicable to all major manufacturers in the automation technology market. In addition to new projects, existing systems that are in service and running can also be investigated.

The vendor-independent specification documents compliant to the "Peace of Mind" certification can be downloaded from


PPR_pom-tuev.doc [77kb] Download