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September 2011

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Peace of Mind: New quality label for building automation solutions

Up to now, investors or operators who wanted to avoid worries, anger and bad surprises during the life cycle of their building automation solutions, did not have a neutral, simple and universal possibilities available to them. Therefore, decisions are still mostly purely made based on the minimum initial cost, even though they only constitute a small part of the life cycle costs. Anger and stress as well as missed business opportunities are thus not included in the calculation.

With the quality label "Peace of Mind" Saia Burgess Controls has now mades a vendor-neutral guidelines and specifications, that enables the enforcement of a decision maker's legitimate interests beyond the cheapest initial installation.

The quality label has been set up on the basis of progressive, universal and non-proprietary technologies, the requirements and characteristics for the implementation of automation solutions. The goal is to systematically avoid customer worry, anger and bad surprises.

There are two key elements for the quality label:

  • Easy to understand "Peace of Mind" tender documents which are designed completely from the perspective and interests of the end user. These describe the type of technology that is permitted be offered in the pricing at all.
  • Additionally there is a "Peace of Mind" Engineering Guideline. This describes the requirements of the measurement and control design through to documentation and the approval of the automation solution.

A quality label (= certification mark) may not, according to legal definition, be used by the trademark owner only for its products and services. "Peace of Mind"can conseqently be used by all independent system integrators, machine builders and general contractors that adhere to the official defined requirements of the Q-Label website .

Saia Burgess Controls will monitor compliance with of these requirements when using the logo and if applicable also push it through. Since the Saia PCD® automation equipment from Saia Burgess Controls is optmized for the concept "No Risk, No Limits", Saia Burgess Controls has a natural competitive advantage for the case where the interests of operators and investors will continue to be implement in its interests of ensuring problem free operations and unbridled expansion of automation solutions.


PPR_Peace-of-Mind.doc [52kb] Download