Certification mark Guidelines

The certification mark "Peace of Mind" is a manufacturer independent quality label on the topic of operationally ready building automation systems (automation solutions).

The quality label is already being used in the tendering and proposal phases. In the form of vendor-independent tender specifications, the interests of the object operator (owner, occupier or investors) are covered by a specific manner, which should ensure a very open, non-proprietary architecture of automation solutions to the latest state of the art.

The technical characteristics of automation solutions are defined so that the investor and operator anger, stress and the associated costs are minimized systematically during the full life cycle of the object.

After the construction or renovation of an automation solution comes finally an audit (on-site validation) that scrutinizes according to a detailed checklist, whether the system requirements of the quality label "Peace of Mind" has been meet, so that the operator may take the object into service with the appropriate certification mark.


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