About Peace Of Mind

Construction and management of a property is a complex undertaking, involving the various stakeholders. There is an inherent tension between a possible cheaper initial investment and lower operating costs. The common contracting practice favors the behavior to focus primarily on the production costs of a property and thereby operating costs incurred during the life cycle of the building are neglected. In addition on the investors and building owner’s side, there is often a lack of know-how in terms of building automation / technology.

Procurement practices without Peace Of Mind:
  • Inadequate tenders through vendor-defined automation, no consideration for the needs of operators and users
  • Awarded to lowest bidder, cheap means cheap to prepare - but expensive operation, maintenance and future expansions
  • After the handover Optimisation at the expense of the operator

Peace Of Mind makes one aware that only 15% of the total cost of a building relates to the construction of a building, whereas 85% from the its operation or rather from subsequent modifications and enhancements over the total life. This results in much greater attention of the requirements of operators and users which arise during the building lifetime. It is based on a controls technology which provides the necessary flexibility, modular design and supports standard protocols, is fully programmable as well as offering buildings tailored product life cycles and higher quality.

Peace Of Mind provides at an early stage of a building automation project, an appropriately prepared set of rules and ensures verifiable compliance.
  • Text for service specifications in tenders
  • Verification / audit regarding compliance with the Peace of Mind specifications by independent testing authority (e.g. TÜV SÜD for Germany).
  • Granting of seal of approval according to the degree of compliance with the requirements (gold / silver / bronze)
With Peace Of Mind seal of approval investors are shown that they have created a property in which sustainable management is ensured. Operators and users of a building have the guarantee of taking a future-proof property.