What is POM?

«Peace of Mind» is a new, vendor-neutral quality label (guarantee mark) in building automation. It can only be used for non-proprietary, open automation solutions and not for any specific product. «Peace of Mind» stands for the systematic minimization of worries, trouble and toil for operators and investors through the concrete, technical definition of permitted automation technologies – to apply throughout the whole life cycle of an installation. Anyone using the «Peace of Mind» guarantee mark for quotations and project planning is obliged to satisfy all the specifications of the preliminary tender texts (LV preliminary texts).

It is left up to every interested planner, investor or operator whether they adopt the «Peace of Mind» specification for themselves in full or only in part. No indication of origin/source is required. By adopting the texts for their projects, they can effectively and confidently demand state-of-the-art technology from contractors.

The "Peace of Mind"-Tender documents are available on

Everyone who satisfies the POM guidelines is entitled to use the «Peace of Mind» logo.